MagNet's proprietary Allotment Intelligence & Management System

The AIMS System will revolutionize distribution work for the Single Copy Sales industry.


Robust Decision Tree

MagNet has created the industry's most sophisticated platform for required store level allotments. The decision tree analyzes billions of data points to determine the optimal quantities to distribute.

Lightning Speed

Cutting edge technology and blazing fast page response creates a system that allows tremendous amounts of online analytics returned in seconds. Customize national distributions in mere minutes.

National Look...Local Feel

AIMS has a powerful and flexible agency group module which allows users to create custom rule sets for each wholesale agency, while at the same time running national bottoms up print order requests simultaneously.

Real Time Analytics

AIMS uses the newest online data processing technology to allow users the ability to customize their work real time. This powerful framework is ideal for distribution representatives to make updates to their distribution work and immediately see results of changes on screen.